Friday, 24 February 2012

'a not so splendid idea..'

I have decided to give up meat for Lent. What the actual hell. We are on day 2 and I'm already deeply regretting it. I have given up meat at work and at home at any rate. I have given myself 2 loop holes. Number 1 is I plan on going to J Baker's (a restaurant in York which I could never afford when I was a student - and I had already booked the table before coming up with this mental idea) and the other is a Sausage competition for London Farmers Market #loveyourlocalsausage - but that's it! For 6 weeks. And obviously I'm around meat all day so actually this is a bit bloody tough (no pun intended..)

So why? Why would I put myself through this? Well It's a few things really but I always give something up for Lent, since I am a theology graduate (last year it was booze but my friends refused to talk to me for 6 weeks...). But lately, I have been aware that I have taken for granted just how readily available meat is for me. Often in a day I will have sampled (I emphasise sample) beef, pork, lamb, poultry, game...or at least 3 of the 5.. it shouldn't be this easy right? At the end of the day if you have decent, fresh ingredients - that's all right? Well we'll see, not sure how interesting posts on a butcher blog will be with another 5 posts meat free still to come...

We'll see...maybe I shall be inebriated for the duration instead..


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