Thursday, 16 February 2012

'a ducking good birthday..'

On Sunday we ventured to Manson on the Fulham Road to celebrate my birthday. We chose this restaurant after being told fantastic things about Alan Stewart, the head chef. I had beef tar tar which was superb and massive - but I could eat that tar tar all day.. Then I chose to have the hake which was cooked beautifully with green leaves and citrus to accompany it.. Mr H had celeriac soup and pork which was cooked to perfection.

Alan also treated us to a melody of duck too which included the heart, a terrine, a duck breast, a duck egg and toast fried in duck fat - this was rich but delicate and the flavours worked really well. I also loved how he was displaying how much variety you could get off one carcass. Afterwards he came over to say hello but he was also able to tell me exactly where his meat was coming from, that his vegetables were being grown in the 'Manson Allotment' - this I loved. He was, however unable to tell me the breed of pork he was using - but I appreciated that he didn't make it up, he admitted he had no idea. This honesty is uncommon for a chef in a kitchen. It is even less common in a butchery. So I say, many thanks to Manson and Alan for making my birthday memorable but also good, honest, English food.


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