Sunday, 7 April 2013

'don't hate supermarkets and here's why...'

All of this nonsense with horse gate has really got me thinking. For a while now many independent butchers have taken to what I call Supermarket Bashing. And I really don't see why. Just focus on your own product, providing enjoyment. When I opened my shop I wanted somewhere that I would love to shop in. Where there was no pressure - you can buy as much or as little as you like, but you could browse and be inspired to think about food, new dishes and to engage the butcher about locality of sourcing. It is about customer service. The point is I'm not about Supermarket Bashing because there is no point. The supermarkets are a necessary evil when we forget the bacon and need a sandwich early Sunday morning. But I have never relished or enjoyed going to the supermarket but I used to get this rich satisfaction from going to my local butcher and I really hope my customers feel the same. The difference between us and them is the overall experience of shopping. Life's too short too eat bad meat and drink bad wine.
quality and good customer service and care. Don't get me wrong, the supermarkets have a lot to answer for, especially in terms of fair pricing and crushing the little guy. But I would never compare my little shop to a big store because for one thing it is about



  1. A Butcher Lady

  2. seem to have stopped rather suddenly at the "end". Is something missing?

    I would really be interested to learn what a typical day looks like, although I suppose, that depends on the weather and day of the week.

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