Wednesday, 9 January 2013

'I am a very lucky girl indeed..'

So in between the mad dashing to meat suppliers (ha) I wanted to write a quick blog. So far, so good. We're all geared to open Friday 18th January 2013. Lots of fabulous ideas in the pipe line. Colin at AE Hubb has already created a fantastic customer base and some strong foundations to build on so I am a very lucky girl indeed.

I went to see the fabulous team at Thompson's in Bishop Auckland and we have been in conversation about supply of Welsh Pigs from County Durham and some stunning European cross beef from the farms in the area. A lot of the meat will be from County Durham, as I really like this abattoir and more importantly, their values. The key to all of this is to establish a relationship with suppliers. I saw the guys from Weschenfelder in Middlesbrough who were equally helpful and offering all sorts of possibilities.What is astounding is just how helpful all the contacts have been so far.
I am blown away by the levels of service.
 I think I've just been in London too long and missed the friendly nature of Northerners. I jest. Sort of.
However, I am very happy to be back and I'm looking forward to kicking off and settling in to Ashburton village - Gosforth.

In the 2 years I've been butchering - this is the longest that I have spent when I haven't cut anything.
I hope I still remember how to do it..


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  1. Hi Charlotte. I've been following you as I'm a femaile butcher in Australia. Well done I wish you all the best. I have a friend you may know his name is Jr who worked at lid gates with you, I work at lid gates years ago. Be nice to get have a chat with you maybe via email congratulations. Alison