Sunday, 20 January 2013

'open for business..'

'Charlotte's Butchery' is now open for business. We had a cracking opening with the North East food God that is Terry Laybourne doing the opening for us. We then had a smashing couple of days - all a bit  amazing. Yes, hectic. Yes, full of challenges. But I hope the customers left happy and felt they should and could return. I am fully committed to ensuring that the butchering tradition stays well alive in Ashburton Village in Gosforth. I also want to encourage people to come to the area any way - there are many businesses which are fantastic. The Art House, Greenwell's - the greengrocer and all sorts of other services like fabulous podiatrists Howlett & Dickinson.

However the most popular things sold were lamb's liver, loin chops, topside and brisket. Top sellers. Must order triple next week. We're so not in London any more - we could barely give brisket away. Everything is regional, and every day's a school day.

Many thanks to absolutely every person who helped me along the way to opening. I am so very grateful and love you all. And clearly gushing. But. Thank you.


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