Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Butchery in England is one of the few occupations that is still very much reliant on good old fashioned skill. It demands a thorough knowledge of carcasses and an ability to cut well. But is it stuck in the past?

For instance, why even hand tie string knots for joints of meat? Surely in this day and age there''s a machine or at the very least elastic we can use? But it just is not the done thing - and why bother, this way has suited us for years now. And it looks far more impressive.

The other day, a butcher got a dishwasher installed in his shop, it's hardly cutting edge technology, and another butcher I spoke to could not believe it! But this is how it goes.
On the other hand a new butcher's block was bought and it will outlive all of the shop staff put together.
'Built to last or stuck in the past' is the question. I say that is part of what 'tradition' is.

Getting back to the knots..I actually very much enjoy tying, so hope that particular method remains. Just hope I can improve!


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