Sunday, 1 May 2011

'ode to a Vegetarian.'

I was recently having a conversation (over a fantastic local Durham Ale [Prince Bishop]) when I came across a (non-drinking) Vegetarian. We chatted briefly, just tittle tattle. And then she confessed to being Veggie. And I avoided the standard 'here-we-go-again' eye roll, and I said 'good for you' and left it at that. However, she wanted to ask me questions about the manufacturing of meat, and where the shop I works for sources theirs. So I humoured her (or rather started to get excited and talk at roughly 1000 mph) and I answered her questions. She then gave me the BEST defense that I have ever heard. Her reasons for not eating meat are about waste. she doesn't agree with how much meat wastage there is.

Every year 18 million tonnes of edible food ends up in landfill. How much of that must be meat?! I can not begin to imagine. Supermarkets are more likely to be blamed, since to local butchers meat is indeed money. However I would argue that we try our best to utilise as much of the animal, possible. I do not at all, have a problem with vegetarians and if that is your choice, fantastic - as long as you're shopping local. One day, in the future, when I have my own shop I think I will salute Vegetarians everywhere and do a range of meatless sausage.

As I did appreciate the logical and rather wonderful argument. And I too, hate waste.
So I bought her another sparkling water and we chatted the night away..


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