Thursday, 11 August 2011

'the never ending bovine..'

Belted Galloway - what a beast!

Over the last
few days we have spent a large chunk of time sorting out this giant carcass.
From 'thick rib' to 'choice'. Mince trim to steaks.
How much beef have we cut up, chopped, seamed, boned out? How much meat have
we vacuum-packed and 'trayed' up.
It is astonishing how much food you get off these animals.
I frequently get asked how much one of these magnificent creatures costs?
Well the answer is: mind your own business! Let us worry about that. But a 3rd-hand Ford Ka would probably cover it..

The main thing is just how glorious it is to bestow such a craft. Watching as two butchers battle with it, knees straining, bringing it from fridge to cold block, hand sawing straight through the body, then splitting and separating it into smaller cuts. Fantastic.

What a privilege. Rib of beef anyone?


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